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The strategy canvas is part of a wider business tool referred to as the blue oceans strategy. The main focus of this strategy is coming up with a kind of value innovation where the focus for any business venture changes from striving to beat the competition to making them irrelevant. To this end, the businesses applying the blue oceans strategies strive to create a leap in value for buyers or consumers of a given product such that the business creates a new market that the previous competitors are irrelevant in. In the pursuit of value creation, caution is taken to implement the creation incrementally since it has been established that innovation without the value may result in new products that the consumers may not be ready to take up and buy. The blue oceans strategy, therefore, seeks to accomplish two tasks at the same time; pursuing differentiation and achieving low costs of production. The overall goal therefore for applying the blue oceans strategies is to provide better answers compared to the competitors to the questions that the market is asking.
The strategy canvas therefore as a tool for building up a blue oceans strategy, approaches the issue from two perspectives. The first one seeks to understand the current nature of the industry capturing the efforts being made by players in the market in order to make more profits. The other perspective is the vertical axis of the strategy canvas that seeks to come up with the value curve of different competitors in the industry. This approach looks into giving a graphical representation to the performance of a company in relation to the industry’s factors of competition. The ultimate goal of the blue oceans strategy, therefore, comes out as shifting the company from the conventional strategy focus into the industry to new innovative approaches. The four actions framework, on the other hand, enables a company come up with a new value curve that shapes the new approach of the buyer value


Turkcell has continuously proved to be the market leader in the provision of mobile services in Turkey. The company has posted continuous positive results over the years with players in the industry voting it to be the most desirable place to work in. The company has been making constant profits and has ventured into the US stock market. There are however worries that the long court battles between the owners and the perceived weakness in competitive position place the company in a dangerous situation. Competition in the mobile industry has come in the form of Vodafone and Avea.
In the construction of the strategy canvas for Turkcell, the strategies put in place by other players in the industry in order to improve their performance have to be taken into consideration. To this end, all the three competitors (Turkcell, Vodafone and Avea) have heavily invested in four areas which are seen as the most important in determining a company’s success in the mobile industry. The four areas are domestic mobile services, broadband services, establishment of regional subsidiaries and adoption of value-added services. In these four areas, all the three competitors in Turkey’s mobile industry have invested highly. Turkcell used to be the traditional powerhouse when it came to mobile subscription, but the high numbers have been eaten into by the emergence of the new players in the market.
In the provision of domestic mobile service, Turkcell has various services such as SMS, data services and other value-added services. The threat here however is the emergence of the twin sim users who have reduced the profits from this section, coupled with the overall decline in the revenue from voice calls. When it comes to broadband services, Turkcell has heavily invested in the provision of high-quality services to its clients. It boasts of the fastest fibre optic networks in the country but only captures 11 % of its total subscribers. It, however, captures the most mobile users in the country (39%). In the regional subsidiary sector, the company has had considerable growth with its expansion extending to about 10 countries though the growth has been scaled back since the most profitable markets are already saturated by service providers. On the realm of value-added services, the company just like its competitors has been considerably active. Turkcell have already established a number of services such as the TV plus that allows consumers to watch live television , movies and games; financial services that allow the use of mobile wallets in terms of electronic credit and debit cards and an academy that offers e-learning products for their consumers.
In creating their strategy canvas in this case, therefore, Turkcell should focus on creating a value curve that differs from that of their competitors. To this end, they should push for better and innovative strategies in mostly the value added services and the broadband services. These are the two sectors in the mobile industry that have been experiencing an increase in revenues over the years, and, therefore, should be the focus of the company. Turkcell also has to employ the four actions framework. Here, the company should seek to construct a new buyer value that captures new subscribers thus gaining more in the market compared to the competitors.
The major factor in the industry that is taken for granted in the mobile service is the expansion into other countries and the creation of many subsidiaries. Most of these outside markets are not as profitable as perceived and therefore Turkcell should consider eliminating such ventures. The second factor in the industry that needs to be lowered relative to the industry standard is the focus on voice calls. Turkcell should put in place strategies to reduce its focus in this area since the revenue from it is gradually reducing. They should redirect the efforts and resources placed on voice services into other services that bring in more revenue. The third factor that needs to be raised is the broadband band services section. Here, Turkcell should continue putting more effort into bettering the broadband services since the use of information technology is on the rise and this area will provide more revenue in the near future. The fourth action Turkcell should take is the introduction of more features in the value added services. This is because the current market is out for services that have a positive impact in their lives, and applications that make life easier.
(The strategy canvas of Turkcell)


Chobani is a market leader when it comes to the Greek yoghurt market in America. The brand rose from humble beginnings of a man who was appalled by the quality of American yoghurt compared to what he had gotten used to back in his home country Greece. Without any kind of capital to begin with, the owner had to secure loans from banks that enabled him to buy an old yoghurt company that was being closed down. He got a good deal on the company and the equipment inside and this proved to be the start of a successful business venture that has gone on to be a leader in the provision of Greek yoghurt in the country.
In the construction of the strategy canvas for Chobani, it is necessary to run a diagnosis of the different factors that will help the company build up a proper blue ocean strategy. The competitors in the yoghurt market have laid focus on a number of factors that are viewed as being necessary for success. These are the pricing of their products, the quality of their products, retail stores and the nature of stocking of the products and inclusion of investors. These are the four factors that the companies that compete with the Chobani brand view as being important in determining the level of success of the yoghurt products.
Chobani in respect to the first factor has maintained a non-conventional approach when it comes to the pricing of their yoghurt. When being introduced to the market, the owner decided to price Chobani higher compared to the normal yoghurt prices. This was aimed at creating resources that would facilitate future expansion and growth. In the second factor, the company has maintained superior quality in their produce. They have not fallen into the temptation of entering into the market of other types of yoghurts but rather maintained their Greek brand and focused on making it better. In respect to the third factor that determines success in the yoghurt industry, Chobami has resulted into negotiating well with their retailers such that large volumes of their produce can be stocked in different stores. In stocking, their yoghurt is placed in the dairy aisle unlike every other type of yoghurt. Most of the competitors for Chobani in the yoghurt industry have been active in looking for big investors who provide them with the financial muscle to aid their expansion. In Chobani’s case, however, the company has decided to retain sole ownership due to the threat of the company being sold after investors come into the picture.
In crafting of a new value curve of the company, the company should look into strategies that reconstruct the buyer value elements. This can be achieved by implementing the four actions framework that gives pointers on the available avenues through which positive changes can be done. First, the issue of bringing into play investors in the business is taken for granted in the yoghurt and the food industry at large. Chobani should do away with this and maintain the integrity of their products since the consumers’ feedback has been very positive. The industry standard in the sale of yoghurt in the country dictates that yoghurt is not sold in mainstream grocery stores and not even placed in the dairy aisle in the retailers’ store. This standard should be reduced by further engaging the stores such that their produce is placed in the two platforms that have proved to be yielding good results for the company. The response to Chobani’s yoghurt brand has been positive with most of the sales being driven by word of mouth marketing among consumers. The company should, therefore, focus on increasing the quality of their produce. They should also go on to introduce more flavors under the Greek yoghurt label, given the inability of the competitors to produce a good product in comparison to the Chobani brand. The company, therefore, has an ability to build more on their success by being more dominant on the Greek yoghurt section.
(The strategy canvas of Chobani)

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