Good Research Proposal About The Sound Of Fear: Exploring Unconventional Sound Techniques In “Session 9”

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Mondelez Australia is a multinational food beverage and confectionary company. Mondelez Australia comprises of food brands and global snack of former Kraft foods. The name of the company Mondelēz was developed in 2012 as a result of the work done by the Kraft Foods employees during that period. The Company established in Australia, is informed by the increasing and diversified needs when it comes to beverage and confectionaries production. Mondelez Australia remains one of the vital contributors to Australian economy with respect to its funding capability. The company’s mission statement is focused towards highly differentiated production of quality confectionaries and beverages commodities which blend well with the consumers’ taste and preferences. As noted by the Company’s CEO, the centerpiece of the Company’s mission with respect to production process is to design Vegemite, confectionary and other beverage products peddled to outmatch competitor’s products while availing quality and better services concurrently, to its customers. The mission statement thus ensures the teamwork as the workforce is motivated by the coined mission statement which is only focused to ensure achievement of set objectives (Johnson, 2014). The company wants to launch a new product which is vegemite in a new market, France. Vegemite is an Australian food paste that is dark brown in color and is prepared from the remains of the yeast extracts together with other various species and vegetables. Vegemite that is the product that it wants to launch in the new market, France is also similar to marmite in South Africa, British and New Zealand. The product is malty and salty and exhibits the same characteristics as beef bouillon (Blythe, 2012).The company’s competitive advantage The Company serves over close to 10 million customers in a day forming the basis of its strength. The company has made its vegemite simpler for employees, an advantage as many competitors find it hard to adopt. The company is a cost leader and hence makes its vegemite prices so low that the competitors cannot hence more sales volume. They have also adopted speed in food delivery to customers hence customer’s loyalty. The company’s weaknesses are very minimal since it does not fully control the branches independently owned. It may threaten its reputation should such independent investor unethically practice. The company has amalgamated with other companies in order to survive in the challenging market (Colman, 2008). The global approach especially by finding a new market in France is important to the survival of the company. Levering system that is practiced by the company is where alignment is seen amongst the company, suppliers as well as its franchisees being the center stage and the strength of this company. It has enabled the company in the identification of salient issues as well as ideas that become very easy to implement. It facilitates the degree of easiness upon which customer’s needs are met as this system keeps pace with ever-changing needs and preferences of customers from a global perspective. Mondelez Australia is ranked as an integral societal part by the use of a business model that has been inconsistent in delivering domestically-relevant restaurant experience. The company’s consumer-centered plan has enabled alignment of various food and beverage producing companies globally thus easily adaptive to local environments. The continuous focus on their main three growth priorities including menu optimization, broadening accessibility as well as customers experience the modernization has placed it on an advantage thus blending very well in the global markets. They have developed, convenience; geographical decentralization, as well as system alignment as the basic cores hence, the reason for its uniqueness. The company is also unique in the way in which it brands some of its products and thus makes it attractive to the consumers who easily buy them (Edelstein, s2011).
2.0 Environmental analysis of the potential overseas market2.1.1 Economic conditions One critical factor that may have an influence on the company in france is the current state of the economic environment. Because it is a company that makes use of being a cost leader, the company have my have some economic swings that may affect its operations in France. From the statistics provided, France has been in a state of economic roll coaster since 2007. Due to the global financial crisis that occurred in 2007, the growth in the GDP went to a negative by about one percent. Since the global financial crisis France economy is weakened by: Unemployment rate- The rate of unemployment in France currently stands at 10.5%. The unemployment rate has considerably increased since 2008 by about 7.5 %( Colman, 2008). Inflation-This must be taken into account as it has a strong effect on the consumer of the products and also the prices of vegemite. Most of the customers are cautious with their finance and few tend to buy vegemite during such as recessionary period. The price of other food products, beverages, and confectionaries has increased in France by about 2.1 percent in 2012. The increase in the price of the food products is probably due to the volatile prices of the raw materials used in making Vegemite. Operating cost- The operating cost in France is high for foreign companies that tend to produce a high amount of products. The company should, therefore, come with a strategy on how it would lower the operating costs as it continues to produce a lot of goods (Colman, 2008). The level of disposable income in each of the households risen and is currently at 29 322 USD a year thus leading to a big gap between those who are poor and the rich.2.1.2 Cultural and social factors Many cultural and social changes are currently taking place in France that may have an effect on the products produced by the company. In most of the circumstances, the food products industry is viewed as one of the most affected by social, cultural trends to a larger extent as compared to other industries (Edelstein, s2011). Growing population-France population has undergone significant changes in terms of population statistics. One of the major focus in the population statistics is the decline in the rate of fertility levels in the country that results in a reduced birth rate. By 2052, it is stated that close to about 50 percent of the French people will be close to above 45 years in terms of age. Considering that the product mainly targets the young people, the chances, which there might be a reduction in the purchase, is very high. Lifestyle changes- most of the people staying in France tend to live healthy lifestyles and as such some of them, might consider the product not healthy and thus opt for buying healthier products. Food Products Company must also comply with the social factors of the people staying in France. For most of the individuals staying in France, eating is also viewed as a pleasure apart from being a functional act. 83% of individuals from France tend to spend little on the luxuries food products in order to satisfy their pleasure and wants. 73% of the consumers give priority to the food products made in France and about 68% pays close attention to what is written on the food product package before buying (Blythe, 2012).2.1.3 Technological factors and likely innovations New technologies exist in the country that can make the marketing of vegemite easy. The presence of new technological gadgets such as the use of television and the internet for effective advertisement of the products is possible. Advertising through the media in the country although has never been that effective (Edelstein, s2011). The emergence of new machines that are used in the production of vegemite in the France makes it easier for the different companies to venture into production of a similar product.2.1.4 Political/legal/institutional factors Many of the political factors will affect the company now, and some will even continue to affect it in the future. Changing the VAT- The food industry including vegemite products depends strongly on the decision of the French government to alter the VAT asset. The rate will affect the consumers who buy such kinds of products (Colman, 2008). Middle rate-The price of the food products that is applied to the vegemite sold per tin will thus increase from 7% to 9%. It will negatively affect the consumers who buy the food products. Reduced rate-This will go down to 5% from 5.5%. The reduced rate may lead to a decrease in the consumer price of the food products and thus lead to a higher sales. Government laws also dictate the distribution and the production of the food products in France. The food products sold in France are also scrutinized based on the international laws.Pressure groups such as Programmed National de l’Alimentation( PNSS) are fighting and agitating in order to eliminate obesity(Blythe, 2012).2.1.5 Availability of necessary natural resources/communication France has the natural resources that are used in the production of vegemite. Since France is a fertile country in which vegetables and food crops such as maize is grown , getting the natural resources such as the leftovers of the yeast extract and the various vegetable additives is easy. Due to the high rate of unemployment in the country it is possible to get a large number of individuals who are willing to work with the company in the production of vegemite (Johnson, 2014). Communication is not a problem in France since it is one of the developed countries in Europe. The country has a well-developed communications network that is important especially when it comes to, connecting with the customers and the suppliers. Because of the presence of the internet, it is possible for the company to launch e-marketing that it can put to use in order to sell its products online.Conclusion Companies and organizations are affected by technological, political and even the environmental activities that take place within its locality. As stated in the report, economic changes may disrupt a business drastically as it interferes with the market. Mondelez Australia due to its competitive advantages can enter the market and competitively compete with other companies in France that produce a similar product despite the political and the environmental factors.


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