Stemming The Exodus Of Gen Xers From Corporate Life Essays Example

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Generation X is that generation that was born after the western post- world war two baby boom. Individuals born between 1960s to the early 1980s are the ones termed as Generation X. Generation X encompasses about 50million American born between 1965 and 1980. It marked that period when there was a decline in birth after the baby boom. This generation is significantly smaller than the generations before and after it. At the moment, member of this generation is in their 30s and early 40s. They are more educated than the baby boomers with over 60% of them having attended college.
In order to solve the issues about Generation X exodus from the corporate life management will first have to understand their particular traits. Effective human resources management entails learning and understanding your employees hence the most appropriate way of solving this issue.

Below are the traits of the generation X that need to be known by the management.

1. Individualistic; this generation came of age in an era of high divorce rates and flattering economy. Therefore, generation X is usually independent, resourceful, and self-sufficient. In the workplace, Generation X individuals often value freedom and responsibility. Most of these employees often display a casual disdain for authority and structured work hours. They also dislike being micro-managed and embrace hands-off management approach.
2. Flexible; many of generation Xers lived through the harsh economic condition in the 1980s and were there when their parents lost various kinds of jobs that were hard earned. For this reason, Generation X individuals are less committed to one employer and are more than willing to change jobs so as to get ahead of previous generations. They are usually tolerant of alternative lifestyles and are well adapt to change.
3. Technologically adept; their mentality usually reflects a shift from the manufacturing economy to that of the service economy. Current jobs usually use computers in their systems at their workstation.
4. Value work/life balance; members of Generation X often work to live rather than live to works like how other generations were. These individuals often appreciate fun in their workplace and espouse a work hard/play hard mentality. Managers who are Generation X do often incorporate humor and games into work activities.
Below are ways under which the management will be involved in ensuring that it mitigates the exodus of generation X and ensure that they maintained.

Providing a positive working environment

It is equally important that the generation X workforce in job setting is provided with the appropriate environment that complements their traits. The management may provide a progressive work environment and host of family-friendly benefits that keep the generation X turnover below the average in the entire industry. The management should equally know that creation of a favorable environment is not delegated but instead starts from the top level. Therefore, level C managers should ensure that it sets a good example that will be followed by the employees. The fact that many level C manager’s quite jobs in the corporate world is because of the bad relationship they have with the level C managers.

Recognition, reward and reinforce for right behavior.

Usually, the money attracts employees to an organization; however, it sometimes takes more than money to keep them from leaving. Generation X depicts a high level of individualism and for this reason they tend to have the need of being appreciated. The level C managers should ensure that recognition and incentives programs are in place so as to meet their requirement of feeling valued. Any reward or recognition needs not to be complicated or costly but instead small issues that may seem insignificant usually matter a lot.

Involve and engage

Generation X individuals usually require some form of engagement in what they are doing. Many of Generation X individuals do leave the corporate life because they are tasked to do things they do not value. The management should, therefore, ensure that the plans as a result of the employees contribution in devising it. They usually want their ideas and suggestions to be heard however in the current corporate world most if not all of the plans of an organization are pre-determined. By the managers allowing Generation X employees to participate they will develop some sense of ownership of the project.

Develop skills and potential

There is no end to knowledge; i.e. learning is a continuous process. Individuals in generation X usually value career opportunities more than money they make. Level C managers should develop career connections which aim at offering a host of various career development tools such as self-assessment which would help the Generation X employees. Generation X employees would move to greener pasture if they see no future in their current jobs. To mitigate these level C managers should, therefore, ensure that every job position has an individual development plan. When this is done then, we can be able to solve this crisis.

Evaluation and measure

Lack of job evaluation has led to the generation X exodus from their job opportunity. Managers should, therefore, ensure that there is continuous assessment at the workplace so as to keep workers on their toes. The main reason for any evaluation is to ensure that progress is measured and that factors that lead to dissatisfaction within the workplace is determined. Evaluation may involve measuring attitudes, morale, turnover and the engagement level of employees. It is, therefore, necessary that the management ensures that the Generation X employees are always evaluated so as to make them want to achieve more hence motivated.

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