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Leadership is the ability of an individual to motivate and direct other towards achievement of a specific goal and objective. For instance, a coalition consists of people who have come together and organizations in an attempt to solve a specific problem in a community. For example, a coalition can be developed so as to offer injury prevention services in case a violent incident takes place. A good example of this is Injury Prevention Coalition (IPC). However to achieve the goals and objective of a coalition, leaders should possess various elements so as to effectively deliver to his or her team members and to the community at large (Sullivan, 2013).
Therefore, for a coalition to be successful the leadership should possess various traits. First is that they should have good communication skills. This involves the ability to listen, have a good intercultural communication and non-verbal communication. In a team, due to different values and beliefs, conflict is often witnessed. Based on this, it is, therefore, important for a leader to have conflict resolution skills. Additionally it is essential for the leader to show attributes of a follower. In addition, in an attempt to achieve the goals and objective of a team it all involves risk taking. Therefore, it is vital a leader must be a risk taker (Chandler & Chandler, 2013). In this regard, it is important for a leader to have self-confidence and that he or she will achieve the set goals. This is very essential since it leads increased vision and more self-discovery. Therefore a good leader poses the following traits, fosters change, value-based, acknowledges others as possible leaders, acknowledges leadership in a team process, promotes continuous learning, beliefs in creativity, flexibility, resilience and vision.
Poor and unsuccessful leadership of a coalition team causes a lot of problems. This is usually characterized by poor communication, poor planning, lack of delegation, and misunderstanding of the roles, a poor membership combination, misunderstanding of motivation among other. Therefore, poor leader only identifies weaknesses and uses it to blame others. This causes low morale among the team members which in turn reduces output. This reduces the chances of achieving the coalition goals. In addition, de-motivation among the team members results in loss of passion for working and also be creative. It also reduces the level of commitment among the employees. Poor leadership lacks the ability to identify strength and weakness of its members. As a result of he or she is not to guide the team members towards goal achievement of the coalition (Chandler & Chandler, 2013). Therefore, lack of leadership or poor leadership skills results in causes dissatisfaction, de-motivation and resignation of the members. It also acts as an obstruction to the commitment to coalition mission and achievement of the vision.Evidenced Approach in Breastfeeding Support
Protection, promotion and support of breastfeeding are very important public health prerequisites. There is a need to come up with best recommendations to raise breastfeeding commencement and period and reduce the difference between the two in our society. The major goals, any initiative focusing on breastfeeding, is to increase the proportion of mothers who breastfeed their toddlers (Lindberg, 2011). The intervention include;Maternity Care PracticesThis involves breastfeeding that occur during the hospital stay involving activities such as direct prenatal care, care during labor and birthing and more so postpartum care. Based on this, breastfeeding policy offers all staffs such as nurses, physicians, and pharmacy and housekeeping staff with training and education that promote initial breastfeeding and discouraging any kind of supplement and pacifiers. In addition, a follow-up after discharge is recommended. Some practices such as the use of medicines during labor and cesarean birth have a negative effect on breastfeeding. However, there is a need to offer support and ensure skin-skin contact between the mother and the baby. The maternity care approach is very important in that it offers unique impact to breastfeeding commencement and more so the feeding habits of the child (Lindberg, 2011).Support for Breastfeeding in the Workplace
This involves what employees should receive as benefits and services. Therefore, an organization should develop policies that take into consideration breastfeeding employees. Things to involve offering education to breastfeeding women, setting a location where mothers breastfeed their babies or expressing milk, come up with flexible plans to offer chances for mothers to express milk, offering such services as teleworking, part-time working or extended maternity to offer more time for mother to spend with their mothers and breastfeed. This will be helpful due to the fact that the mothers are dramatically increasing the proportion of U.S workforce. The employers require that these mothers return to work after three months after birth (Caulfield, et al. 2013). Therefore, a plan, for them to work for full time, reduces chances for breastfeeding. These will be a great advantage to the low-income women in our society.Peer Support
The major aim of this is to promote and assist pregnant women and the group that is breastfeeding. It involves a group of women who are currently breastfeeding or those who have gone through the process before and have undergone some kind of training. This can work best through calls or home, hospital or clinic visits. This can be very important intervention since the connection between women play critical roles in decision-making process and therefore can be influential on breastfeeding habits (United States, 2012). For instance, new mother prefers guidance and support from other mother.Educating Mothers
Mother’s education and training is very important since it raises breastfeeding knowledge and skills and more so alter their thinking towards breastfeeding. This should occur during prenatal and immediately after birth period. This is very important since a majority of the U.S new mother lacks the knowledge of breastfeeding (World Health Organization & UNICEF, 2010). One of the reviews carried out by U.S Preventive Service Tasks Forces, it is evident that education on breastfeeding is the most effective ways to raise the breastfeeding commencement.


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