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The artist that I would like to promote in their early career is Elvis Presley. The reason for selecting Elvis is that he has an excellent persona, and this makes him likable by the audience. This is important for any artist since their rise to fame heavily relies on the perception that the fans have on the artist. Furthermore, he is a talented singer as well as guitarist. This makes him a versatile artist who can be able to achieve a lot. In order to market Elvis, first it is imperative that he records a new album. Recording an album will provide the required material to be marketed to the target audience. Once the new album is completed, then we can organize a performance tour around America.
In order to build Elvis into a star, it will be important to create consumer awareness on his upcoming album as well as national tour. This will be achieved through a combination of marketing method, which includes advertising, sales, promotions, and public relations. Radio and television advertising will be used to make the target market aware of the new album as well as the national tour. In order to achieve this a provision must be provided for promoting a single from the album through radio and television. Sales and promotions will include providing free tickets to funs for the national tour. These will provide a medium through which to push album sales volumes during the early days of the campaign. This will be done alongside aggressive advertising. After sales volumes have reached a certain target point, promotions and public relations will be used to gain the trust of the public and create a star out of Elvis. This will be done together with less aggressive advertisement in order to maintain the loyalty of the customers.
In order to ensure that the marketing campaign is effective it will be important to determine the target audience. The campaign will target males between the age of twenty and forty. The reason for this selection is that this age group can relate with the music made by Elvis. Therefore, all the advertisements, promotions, and campaigns will be tailored to meet the needs of this group of people. The promotions will therefore be done at places likely to catch the attention of this age group. The music label will also sponsor events targeted at this age group such as sports in order to reach them. The events that will be targeted for this purpose are of activities that attract people in this age group. For example, an American Football tournament is likely to have males in this age group as the fans. It would therefore make marketing sense for the album and music label to be the title sponsor of such an event. This promotes the visibility of Elvis’ new album as well as associating it with the activities peculiar to this age group.
In an effort to make Elvis famous and market him, it would be important to model him into a brand personality. Brand personality refers to the human traits that a brand is associated with by customers. These traits are just additional value for the brand and do not add functionality to the brand. The brand personality is very important since customer and consumers identify with such traits. It is therefore important that these character traits are kept consistent so that the brand can keep its identity with customers. There are five main types of brand personality and these are excitement, sincerity, ruggedness competence, and sophistication. Although it is possible for a brand to have a bit of more than one of these personalities, it is generally a good idea to stick to one personality. For Elvis, we are going to go with a rugged personality. This brand personality is attractive to the people in the target age group. The name of the album will also be selected such that it will alluding to the personality of the musician.
In order to make Elvis into a star it is important to also examine the duration and budget of the marketing campaign to be undertaken. The marketing campaign for the album is expected to take place over a period of one year. The campaign will involve advertisement and other marketing activities. The amount of money needed for the marketing campaign is a lot and will require approval by the company management. The majority of the campaign budget will be consumed by the advertisements. This will be done on media such as radio, magazines, newspapers and television, which is very expensive. Offering free copies of the album to some of the fans will also be a big cost for the campaign. The cost of offering these free samples will be included in the marketing budget. The cost of sponsoring events will also be included. The marketing campaign will also include branding items such as shirts and key chains. Overall, the campaign budget should be reasonable enough but at the same time enable the company to meet its marketing objective. This should also be done in consideration of the long period during which the campaign will run.

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