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The difference between the identities of self-identified lesbians and self-identified boys lies in the semantic understanding of masculinity. Lesbians define it as social where as boys identify it as physical.

English is used because it is seen as an appropriate language for talking about sex.

The boys saw Liz as a woman and thus she did not understand the meaning of the concept of masculinity.
In the above context, English appears less suitable for discussing masculinity while Hindi seems better suited in understanding masculinity. An understanding of sexuality in Hindi gives it an emotional force. The lack of fluency in Hindi by Liz means she is unable to control the discussion.

The word moustache emphasizes the topic of discussion of the book, which is masculinity.

The title means the multivoiced identity of linguistics among the African American drag queens because speakers in this group usually use language to index their identities as African Americans, as gay, as well as drag queens.
Female impersonators performance usually builds on their ability to act as women where as drag queens generally make no pretense about the truth that they are gay men even though they may present a realistic display of a certain kind of woman.
Both Drag queens and feminism have female qualities. Feminists proponents argue that drag queens are a stereotyped identity of femininity as well as womanhood. Drag queens align with feminists through their big tits, fat tummies, wobbly hips as well as elaborate hair styles.
The white woman performance means that drag queens have moved from a working class background to an upper class white, heterosexual female.
Features of Lakoff’s women language employed by AADQs include a large stock of words related to women, the use of empty adjectives, the use of question intonation, the use of various kinds of hedges, the intensive use of so, and the use of hypercorrect grammar. Lakoff’s women language not employed by AADQs include jokes, speaking in italics, and speaking in superpolite forms.

Workers create a sense of intimacy with callers whom they have never met by using sweat talk.

The linguistic strategies workers use to create their personas include the use of empty adjectives such as cute and charming, tagging questions instead of declaratives, the use of hedges like I guess, sort of; use of intensifiers such as very; as well as their polite and hypercorrect forms of linguistics.

Phone workers are conscious of employing women’s talk stereotypes because they consider such kind of language as sexual.

I think according to the articles, Lackoff was right about how women talk because he gave examples such as a response from an AADQ “Oh, really, that’s cute.”

Cameron “Language, Gender, and Sexuality”

Male dominance and female subordination
Cultural difference
Both looked for differences between men and women; both considered linguistic differences a as gender rather than sex matter; and both described the differences as the result of early civilization.

Gender diversity

Which women and which men do you mean.
Gender is something that an individual does by performing masculinity and femininity acts repeatedly while sex is something that an individual has.

They are useful.

It appears because gender and sex have different meanings.
Because gender crossing is a reflection of the power of a heteronormative principle that naturalizes heterosexuality and the gender difference it requires.

Eckert view homosexuality as a display of maturity while Tannen it as an important social function.

Eckert “Communities of Practice”
The speech community’s perspective of heterogeneity is that it is founded in a geographically defined population and is framed by wider and fundamental social groups such as class, gender, race, age, as well as ethnicity. Community of practice on the other hand is a way of locating the use of language in an ethnographic way in order to develop a responsible connection between local practice as well as membership in extra-local and wide groups.

Community of practice is a gathering of individuals who get involved in a common effort on a continuing basis.

C of p identifies a social grouping in virtue of shared practices.

Bucholtz “Why Be Normal”

In Bucholtz’s work the dichotomy that separated the Jocks and Burnouts student also united them while in Eckerts work, the dichotomy only separated them.
He wants to focus on individuals and groups in order to integrate structure with agency in the theory of the community of practice.

He means practices that constitute a refusal to be involved in pursuit of coolness that consumes other students.

Silliness, playing of badminton, wear shirts and jeans that are neither tight nor extremely baggy, wear bright primary colors.
Because knowledge is symbolic capital within the nerd community of practice but claims to knowledge are often disputed in the community of practice.

Kiesling “Playing the Straight Man”

The title means how men use language to reproduce hegemonic heterosexuality that is embedded in the wider context of hegemonic masculinity.

Young men play the straight man by telling narratives of heterosexuality.

In the first excerpt, HotDog describes women based on physical appearance while in the second excerpt he describes women based on love.
These men position themselves in a dominant role over women by using linguistic constructions of sexuality based on the actual relationship they have with women and on the relationship they create with other men.
Homosociability is the ability of men to dominate other men. The show of male dominance is used for creating status among their peers.
Pyke, K. & Johnson, D. Asian American women and racialized femininities: “Doing” gender across cultural worlds. Gender and Society 17(1), 33-53.

Hegemonic femininity the superiority of certain women over others

The words used include passive and quiet.
Their notions expanded as some of them began denigrating Asian ethnic realms and glorifying mainstream arenas.
General questions
Yes, I find myself performing my gender differently especially when interacting with English language because I consider it a modern language, which forces me to behave in a modern way.
Yes, I find media representations of my cultural group to be questionable because sometimes, especially in movies, my cultural group is represented in less important roles. Yes, they are most of the times labeled as highly educated.

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