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Healthy lifestyle is a way of life, aimed at disease prevention and health promotion. Healthy life you need to know for anyone who wants to spend less time and money for treatment of various diseases. It has long been established that many health troubles could have been avoided if in today's society there existed a culture of healthy lifestyles. No supernovae technology will help a man if he does not take care of their health, which is 50-60% depending on lifestyle. The main components of a healthy lifestyle are a rejection of bad habits, healthy balanced diet, balanced exercise regime, fruitful labor activity. Today, this topic is more relevant than ever. Promotion of healthy lifestyles is a package of health measures aimed at developing and promoting human health - one of the strategic directions of education.
The aim of this work: to examine the main path of a healthy lifestyle for different populations, the role of physical culture and sports in the adoption of healthy lifestyles.

Thesis statement: A healthy lifestyle is important for active longevity.

Representatives of philosophical and sociological trends are considering a healthy lifestyle as a global social problem, an integral part of society as a whole, although the concept of "healthy lifestyle" clearly not yet been determined. According to experts (Green L, 1999), “public health depends on 50-55% is a way of life, 20% - on the environment, by 18-20% - from genetic predisposition, and only 8-10% - from health care.”
Physical exercise is one of the key components of a healthy lifestyle. In addition, it was experimentally proved that regular physical education classes, which are included in the rational mode of work and rest, not only contribute to health promotion, but also significantly increase the efficiency of production. However, not all motor actions performed in the course of life and work are to exercise. They can only be movement, specially selected for the effects on different organs and systems, development of physical qualities, correction of defects physique.
It was found that students, who regularly involved in sports, are more physically mature than their peers who do not play sports. They are taller, have more weight and chest circumference, muscle strength and lung capacity is higher. (Vital capacity is the largest volume of air exhaled after the deepest inspiration.) Height of boys 16 years, specializing in sports, on average is 170.4 cm, and in others it is 163.6 cm, weight, respectively - 62.3 and 52.8 kg. Physical education and sports is training cardiovascular system, to make it enduring heavy loads. Physical activity contributes to the development of the musculoskeletal system (Taylor, R., 1982).
Exercise will have a positive impact if the classes will follow certain rules. It is necessary to monitor the state of health - is necessary in order not to cause self-harm, doing exercise. If there are violations of the cardiovascular system, exercise requiring significant stress can lead to a deterioration of cardiac activity. It should not engage the training immediately after an illness. Need to withstand a certain period, the functions of the organism recovered - only then exercise will benefit.
When exercising, the human body reacts to a given load. Activates the activity of all organs and systems, resulting in consumption of energy resources, increased mobility of nervous processes, strengthens muscle and bone and ligamentous system. Thus, improving physical fitness involved and as a result achieved a state of the body when the load is transferred easily and was previously impossible results in different types of exercise are becoming the norm. You always feel good, the desire to engage in high spirits and good sleep. With proper and regular physical exercise fitness of improving from year to year, and you'll be in good shape for a long time.
On the basis of decisions as a result of many years of experience in the field of sports medicine clearly defined main tasks hygiene exercise and sport. This study and improvement of environmental conditions in which there is physical culture and sports, and the development of hygienic measures that promote health, improve efficiency, endurance, increase athletic achievements. As previously mentioned, exercise influence not isolated to any organ or system, and on the whole body. However, to improve the functions of its various systems does not occur to the same extent. Particularly distinct are the changes in the muscular system. They are expressed in increasing muscle strengthening metabolism, improving the functions of the respiratory system. In close collaboration with the respiratory system the cardiovascular system is being improved. Physical exercise stimulates the metabolism, increase strength, mobility and balance nerve processes. In this regard, increased exercise hygienic importance, if they are carried out in the open air. Under these conditions, increasing their overall health benefits, they have a tempering effect, especially if the classes are held at low temperatures. This improves the performance of physical development such as chest excursion, the vital capacity of the lungs. In conducting activities in cold conditions thermoregulation function is improved, reduced sensitivity to cold and reduced the possibility of occurrence of colds. In addition to the beneficial effects of cold air on the health of marked increase in the efficiency of training, due to high intensity and density of exercise. Physical activity should be normalized with age-appropriate, meteorological factors.
Anyone who wishes to engage in physical culture and sports, it is necessary first of all to regularly attend physical education classes. There teach gymnastic exercises and athletics, where you can learn to play basketball, volleyball and other sports, skiing, and if there is any nearby body of water, then swim. Particularly important physical culture and sport become now, in an age of technological revolution, when a rapid pace in the industry and agriculture introduced mechanization and automation. The work of many workers gradually reduced to control the machine. This reduces muscle activity of the workers, and without it many organs of the human body work for reduced mode and gradually weaken. This muscle underload reimburses person physical culture and sports. Scientists have found that sport and physical activity has beneficial effects on productivity. Workers physical and mental labor involved in sports, fatigue occurs much later than non-students. Long-term scientific studies have shown that people who exercise in certain occupations will become highly qualified. Work with great nervous tension, such as labor pilots, drivers of high-speed trains, car drivers, require special psychophysical training. Physical education is a great helper. Invaluable service physical education and sport have in shaping the young people of high moral character. They raise will, courage, perseverance, sense of responsibility and partnership.
Not less important element of a healthy lifestyle is nutrition. Nutrition is a vital necessity of man. Currently significantly increases the understanding that food has on people a significant impact. It gives energy, strength, development, and with proper use of it - and health. You can with a certain confidence that human health is 70% dependent on food. Food is often the main source of most diseases; however, with its help it is possible and gets rid of long-term illnesses. No matter how tempting motley palette of food and finished products from them, but great and the problems associated with the production of food, which gave rise to modern civilization. Elevated levels of blood cholesterol, obesity, tooth decay, diabetes, impaired fat metabolism, hypertension, constipation, increased uric acid in the blood or gout - this is an incomplete list of so-called "diseases of civilization" caused by malnutrition (Heckheimer E, 1989).With the help of a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle (sports, avoid stress, quit smoking), you can: prevent possible disease; maintain health and good looks; stay slim and youthful; be physically and mentally active. The basic principles of healthy eating are a way of cooking; consumption structure, properties, composition and taste of food; methods and conditions of use of food; environment and the internal state of the body. Cooking should be immediately before use. It is desirable to prepare at one time is not more than 3 hours before meals (for cooked products), as prepared food organisms begin to grow rapidly, resulting in their deterioration. A re-heated food, even from the refrigerator, use is not recommended, since it greatly reduced after the initial preparation of the remaining nutrients. The fresher the product, the better it replenishes energy body. Regular use of food prepared well before its use can lead not only to various insidious diseases of the stomach, intestines, blood vessels, liver, exhaustion, but also to a change in the properties of nature, as generates laziness, stupidity, drowsiness, poor physical and mental performance (Heckheimer E, 1989).
When stable power mode (at certain times) in the body before the upcoming meal begins intensify production of enzymes involved in the digestion and assimilation of food, and there is a feeling of a healthy appetite. The regularity of supply in accordance with elaborated biorhythms provides not only high-quality food digestion, but also its more complete digestion. Eating only when you have free time (and every day at different times) leads to poor digestion and assimilation of food, overloading the digestive system and the body as a whole because of the lack of its own enzymes; activation of digestion before eating. Moderate exercise is for 1-2 hours. Before meals improves metabolic processes in the body, activate digestive enzymes normalize peristalsis; food upon the occurrence of hunger.


A healthy lifestyle is important for active longevity. However, in the formation of a healthy lifestyle problem is lack of motivation among the population of its necessity. For a number of studies found that more attention paid to individual respondents its factors, such as nutrition, rather than the entire package of measures for its implementation, starting with hygienic gymnastics, adherence of the day, and others. While it is very convincing, there are calls to lead a healthy lifestyle without proof its decisive influence on improving health outcomes for specific examples. One of the most important components of a healthy lifestyle are the physical exercise and sports, whose role is not only a direct impact on the body, but also in the education value orientation on health. Therefore, physical education today is particularly important in the formation of healthy habits among children and adolescents.
As practice of healing of many sick people before shows, the updating of daily diet allows reversing most diseases at any age. Therefore, one of the most effective ways of improvement, both individuals and society as a whole, is to change the structure of the food consumed excluding or significant reduction of insalubrious products and a substantial increase in products with curative properties.


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