Jim Carrey In ‘the Cable Guy’ Essay Examples

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Published: 2020/10/03

Postmodernism is a crucial subject to deal with. However, thinking about various genre of post-modern cinema, art of comedy and acting have taken a whole new level thanks to a few brilliant actors like Jim Carrey. This paper is all about postmodernism in art of cinema, and the center of the discussion is the role of Jim Carrey in ‘The Cable Guy’. The object of art in this paper is the movie ‘The cable Guy’. This movie basically, focuses on a lonely and abandoned guy who had bad experiences from his childhood emotionally and physically. He had a tormented childhood filled with rejection and lack of friendship. However, he manages to self-invite himself in the life of an ordinary person, and traps him under the shadow of his loneliness turned obsession for friendship.
This plot and story is something that envelopes human psyche with abnormal personality development. From the postmodernism point of view, one can relate disturbance as one of the element in this piece of cinema art. The disturbance however, is something that is clearly present in the character of Jim Carrey. One can relate the pathophysiological psyche of the character of the cable guy to ‘Socially-alienated’ persona. The disturbance that is irrefutably present in this motion picture. In postmodern cinema, Jim Carrey has done some great work in representing basic human traits that are common in everybody’s life. He manages to bring humor out of flaws of the human nature. In this movie also he does manage to blend the social disturbance with abnormal psyche and humor.
This movie helps the audience to understand and answer the big question about human life. The question being what is a human being? The answer is hidden behind the minor fragments of humor, sadness, empathy and other emotions portrayed in this movie by Jim Carrey. The purpose of any human life in this earth is to spread happiness and warmth of an emotional relationship filled with love and compassion for one another. The character in the movie is however, deprived of these things. That is the reason he tends to look for that love in strangers. When the need and hunger for honest love and friendship turns into an obsession, it causes a lot of disturbance in other’s life. If the cable guy had a healthy and joyful childhood, this question would have never stirred in this situation.
The ‘Cable Guy’ probably have given the simplest answer to the big question through his simple humor throughout the movie. Human being is mere a puppet in this world placed to play the role in this immeasurable congregation. To spread happiness among others is the purpose of human life. The place and existence of human life is like a speck of dust within the galaxy that is infinite. Human nature is always hungry for love and happiness. Even though, every soul needs the bondage of relationships, human beings also need their freedom too. The free will to act in accordance to their mind and intellect is the right that the nature has provided only to humans. Without doubt it is clear that human being is blessed with so many gifts and abilities. The true purpose of these abilities is to share happiness through various acts of kindness, humor and joy. That is all about the critical view on the postmodernity of the movie ‘The Cable Guy’.

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