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Section 1

A. Job Task Analysis
Job Tasks/Duties:
1. Developing pricing schemes for the company.
2. Balancing company’s objectives to attain its target market sales.
3. Ensuring customer’s satisfaction through their marketing strategies.
4. Identifying viable marketing strategies that will fit the current market of the company.
5. Developing and evaluating strategies based on the knowledge of company’s objectives, market characteristics and cost and markup factors.
6. Evaluating the financial aspects of product development.
7. Formulating policies to promote products.
8. Directing and coordinating with promotion and advertising managers for the products and services to be endorsed.
9. Hiring and training new and old sales staff and overseeing their daily activities.
10. Directing sales staff and other employees under his or her supervision.
11. Supervising marketing activities to ensure that his or her subordinates get proper training for the sales strategy.
12. Motivating his or sales staff for a better execution of sales schemes.
13. Conducting research about the marketing needs of the customers.
14. Formulating new ways of increasing the company’s sales.
15. Negotiating contracts with distributors and vendors.
16. Collecting lists and descriptions of the products and services being offered.
17. Designating tasks among his or her subordinates in order to attain marketing goals.
18. Planning marketing activities to guarantee the achievement of sales targets.
19. Scouting for prospective customers, distributors, and vendors for products and services.
20. Estimating the profitability of products and upcoming products.
21. Overseeing the development of new products before they are launched.
22. Contacting some advertising agencies for the advertisement of products and upcoming products.
23. Delegating assignments to his or her subordinates in order to accomplish the weekly, monthly, and yearly goals.
24. Controlling the marketing activities in order to stay abreast of the progress of tasks assigned to his or her subordinates.
25. Improving the sales tactics of his or her sales staff through coaching and mentoring.

B. Job Description

A marketing manager is responsible for the overall management of the marketing department; the formulation of policies and marketing strategies to ensure the sales improvement of the company; the evaluation and forecast of the profitability of products; the direction of his or her subordinates in order to accomplish the company’s goals; the management of marketing activities, which will bring about increased sales; the supervision of the creation of upcoming products; and the conduct of research on the customers’ demands and the trends in their needs.
C. Job Specifications


A Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or any related field
A Master’s degree in Business Management is an advantage
Has been in the field for a minimum of one or two years as an assistant, associate, or marketing manager from other firms

Outstanding communication skills

Exceptional teamwork skills
Remarkable ability to intensify productivity and continuously improve methods, strategies, and departmental contribution
Willingness to undergo continuous learning
Proficiency in the Internet and social media strategy for product endorsement
Effectiveness in negotiating with customers, distributors, sellers, and other stakeholders
Ability to steer the company in an environment that undergoes constant change
Experience in working in a flexible, employee-challenging company
Proficiency in the use of marketing strategy tools, as well as in product packing and pricing, and marketing research
Ability to handle a large number of subordinates
Competence in bringing together diverse creativity of his or her sales staff
Ability to be an agent of change for the betterment of the company
Experience in dealing with consulting firms, distributors, and vendors for the products
Responsiveness to customers’ needs in the marketplace
Section 2
The following resources were taken from,, and

A. Recruiting Sources for Candidates

Richard Williams
Since Mr. Williams has accrued quite a number of experiences in his line of expertise, he can be an asset in the company and a right fit for the position. Being a part of three companies in his previous jobs has exposed him to various environments where he was able to use his marketing skills, in turn showing his flexibility as a marketing manager. Another edge that Mr. Williams has is his proficiency in using technology and the social media

Negative Aspects

There are also negative aspects that are seen in Mr. Williams. First, he quickly changes employers. Second, he is an instigator of change against his superiors -- as he said -- and is quite prurient when it comes to rules by the company.

Kate Bennett

Ms. Bennett is an internal source. She has been in the company for two years now as an assistant marketing manager. Based on the reports of her boss, Ms. Bennett is an intelligent woman who has the initiative to do her best in whatever task she is assigned. Her superior also commended Ms. Bennett’s good- natured attitude towards others, which is a characteristic of being a good marketing manager.


Since Ms. Bennett is an internal source, she would already be familiar with the ropes of marketing, making her a good choice for the role of a marketing manager. She has learned about marketing strategies from a person who is also a pillar in the company, making her all the more competent as a marketing manager. If chosen for the position, she can be easily trained on her weaknesses since she is a part of the company.

Negative Aspects

Ms. Bennett is quite a shy woman. She has to be more outgoing since she will deal with many people. She is quite ingenuous, which may bring her some trouble in the future, especially if she will not be sensitive enough. She has always been a woman who often thinks that everything will go positively the way she thinks, although that is not always the case.

Jennifer Hayes

She is an external source who has only one year of experience in the field. As a fresh graduate, she was hired as a marketing manager in a thriving company because of her dynamism. She is proficient in using social media and writing blogs, which are a part of product promotion.


Since Ms. Hayes is young, she is an initiator of innovative ways as a marketing manager. This quality of a marketing manager is very much needed in the position. She is also a good motivator for change. Having an extensive reach to social friends through her blogs will contribute to the product promotion initiatives of the company.

Negative Aspects

Though Ms. Hayes is a good choice for the position, she is still a novice in terms of marketing strategies. She is not yet exposed to the various situations, which she may encounter along the way. She could be an impulsive leader when presented with a work dilemma as she has not acquired that much experience yet. Her inexperience may affect the way she makes decisions for the company.

Laurie Barnes

Ms. Barnes is an internal source. She has been with the company for five years now as an associate marketing manager. She was given a commendation by her superior as an efficient and resourceful person.

Advantages and Disadvantages

She is another internal source, which makes her an excellent choice for the position. However, she is quite stiff when it comes to the company’s regulations. She does not try a number of novel strategies in marketing. Though she is a great choice for the position she needs a little bending sometimes.

Edward Robertson

Being in the industry for quite awhile makes him an excellent choice for the job. His experiences as a marketing manager and brand coordinator are valuable to the company.

Negative Aspects

Interview Questions
Oliver (3) provided the skills that an interviewer wants to determine from the interview. These are problem-solving skills, good people skills, and closure skills. These skills should become evident when one is being interviewed for a certain position. Hoevemeyer (5) also provided the types of interview styles, which an interviewer can use. These include traditional and situational interview questions. Moreover, Mcdermott and Reed (78) gave the characteristics of a good team worker, which include listening, respecting, helping, supporting, persuading, and participating. The following are sample questions for the potential candidates for the position:
1. Why do you want to be a part of this company?
2. What can you contribute to the company?
3. How well do you work under pressure?
4. How would you describe your leadership style?
5. How do you get along with your co-workers?
6. What is the best achievement you have had in your previous company?
7. If you are a product, how would you sell yourself using only six words?
8. Describe a time when your plan did not go as you wanted. What did you do about it?
9. When do you think innovation is needed in your line of job?
10. What would you like to accomplish in this company if you will be hired?


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