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Published: 2020/10/09

Liberty simply means the free will to do whatever one pleases at any particular time. Personally, liberty is a fundamental right that I am entitled to enjoy without any interference. Personal freedom definition has changed over the years, for instance, the rights one desire as a child are not the same freedoms an adult claims today. In our generation, the young people have redefined the term freedom to their convenience by assuming life is short, and it deserves everyday enjoyment and exploration. The slogan you only live once is mostly used. The books for this essay highlight the plight of persons who live under harsh conditions and their definition of liberty is opposite as liberated citizens. At a personal level, freedom means following my instincts, doing what is right, respecting authority, learning and seeking personal growth.
Some crucial rights are freedom of thought and opinion, freedom of expression, religion, and access to information. Well, these rights cannot be restricted, and they are fundamental. Other essential rights include right to movement, equal treatment, life, privacy, bodily integrity, and freedom from torture. These basic liberties give me a sense of personal freedom because the authority including the teachers, parents, society, and the government must respect this. There are some restrictions to some of the liberties, such as the freedom of movement. The right may be sometimes restricted, but it is my duty as a person to respect decisions. My upbringing as a responsible individual has taught me to appreciate the limit of human freedom. It is never right to act as the animals, which do their actions because of limited instincts. The ability to think and behave like a rational being with a free mind makes me use my liberties responsibly and respect them.
The freedom of thought and opinion is important as it gives one the right to think freely and express opinion without fear. The freedom of the mind makes me happy. In addition, expressing own views and taking into consideration moral values has made me a responsible being. The right to access information from an early age is important, as it has helped me in psychological development. Though sometimes there is too much information in the public domain, the moral principle of filtering what is right or wrong is paramount. Young people have adopted some behavior due to spread of information, loosening of culture ties, and lack of mentorship. The atrocity of the world and its reality is easy to recognize but through correct mentorship, an individual can respect this right. Freedom of religion is a crucial right because being able to choose the kind of faith to adopt and worship at any time is important. The other liberties are essential to the essence of making one an autonomous being who has some degree of free will but follows the right intuition to take an action.
On the book of the Jewish Woman, who settles in Dakota, the challenges of diseases, epidemics, immigration, death, and rearing of children under harsh conditions are discussed. The isolation from their neighbors and poverty characterize the women lives. Liberty is limited here, as the circumstances dictate the individual's lives. Making America explains the civil liberties and individual freedom in length. It highlights some of the restrictions on liberty and how the community has continuously stopped being free, the people free will has been influenced by leaders and the system of government. The Working Girls of Boston, 1889, discusses the poor working and living conditions the girls lived. The girl's homes are dirty, and they have no right to complain about better terms. For this reason, their liberty is minimal.
My right constitutes self-rule where I restrain my desires through self-control and temperance. Additionally, being able to curb my fears through courage, steadiness, and steadfastness enables one to be a rational being. Some rights are limited, through the traits; my actions to a case are based on the merits of it. For this reason by reflecting soberly, choosing dispassionately, and deliberating well, others can count on my commitment and purpose. Personally, liberty is not doing whatever I please, it is the freedom to reflect on what to do and the ability to choose to take the responsibility of the action. The liberty I want defines my character, and this is important in self-determination. Liberty changes from one generation to the other, as a result it cannot be termed as a personal achievement. Interestingly, it is a socially learned concept with large contributions from the culture.
My liberties today are characterized by the ability to follow my instincts and take reflective actions on the path I choose. Culture has shaped the rights I desire and conversely the capacity to enjoy some of them without restrictions overwhelms. Freedom of thought, opinion, movement, bodily integrity, information access, religion, and worship are some of the liberties I enjoy today. The freedoms have defined my character, and they are important in helping me live a life of purpose. I ensure I enjoy all the rights responsibly and adhere to them by respecting others rights and knowing the limit of human freedom.


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