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Casino is a public place where the people play the gambling games; in other words, these buildings or places are used for social amusement and the Italian first employed the origin of the word casino in mid 18th century, which comes from the Latin word casa means cottage. The casino gambling games now get fame and played almost everywhere. The casino games on the one side are the way of entertainment, but on the other hand, its addiction is the main problem. The casino games are responsible for almost all social, ethical and illegal activities. Besides the entertainment and revenue generated from the games, what are the cost of the addiction of gambling to the society. If the value is greater than the benefits, then its addiction and playing requires being stop and if the case is not so then it is ok. We will demonstrate the cost of the games, as the benefits are entertainment and revenue, known to all. Thereafter we will suggest the ways of combating and counter ideas, and then the evaluation will be that it should be fought or not and what will be the right way to eradicate the gambling. Thereafter a brief conclusion of the study is to be given in the end.
Addiction of anything is not good at all, indeed to maintain an appropriate balance in every matter emerges out positive effects in our lives. The current topic is about casinos and here we are going to identify the gambling that is played in the casinos, and how we can encounter this problem. Casino is a public room for singing, dancing, gambling and other things that are a source of pleasure and enjoyment for the people. Mostly elite class visit casinos in order to have fun, they lavishly spend their money in gambling, so if we take a glance at its effects either they are social or economic, casinos are just ruining the societies. So here, we are going to take an analysis about its effects and how we can overcome this issue.

Presentation of the Proposed Solution

An ample of study that is conducted on casinos, it shows that negative impacts are larger as compared to the positive one. Most of the researchers concluded that casinos are provoking issues like crimes, population density and traffic congestion, while a big ratio of adolescents has been found indulged in casinos activities. It is not a good sign to see our youth getting involved in such activities, in fact, youth is wasted when they become a part of such unhealthy games.
One of the study argued that there is a positive relation between crimes and the casinos. While some of the literature also put light on some positive impacts that arise because of casinos, some of them include increase in income, employment rate and decline in mortality rate.
Yim king penny wan conducted Another study, the social impacts of casino gaming on Macao et al., seeks the pros and cons of the growth in casino industry and give some solutions to minimize its negative impacts. The casino industry got growth due to the liberalization of the casino licensing and brought controversial impacts on the Macao citizens. The positive impacts were that the income of the people was increased; the financial institutions got progress, the landscape, infrastructure and facilities and improvement in recreational facilities. While on the other hand it brings more strong negative impacts like uncontrolled urban development, traffic congestion, reduction in green and public leisure places, increase in crime, the problem gambling, increased demand for public health facilities, drop out ratio increased and due to the drug's use because of problem gaming reduces the standard and quality of life.
The estimates show that the costs are much higher than the benefits, and the government needs to decrease the casino licensing to abate the intention towards casino business. A report on the gambling and problem gambling prevalence among adolescents in Florida examines the prevalence of gambling-related problems among the adolescents under the age of 13-17 in Florida, types of gambling causing the difficulties for adolescents in every aspect and to compare the state results with other states. They interviewed the adolescents in Florida and find that although adult gambling is prohibited legally in Florida; however, 70% of fewer than 18 years were found lifetime participants. Some of them were weekly gambler and only 30% were those who never gambled.
According to Earl Grinols in his study, "does casino gaming causes crime?" there is a positive relationship between the casino gaming and crime rate. It means that if the casino addiction increases, the crime rate goes up, and if it decreases, the crime rate will go down. The Grinols study also pointed out that the a lot of other factors also account for increasing the offence rate such as population density, the difference of gender and ages in a population, the number of different casts and colors in a society, per capita income (lower), unemployment rates and some administrative factors. However, he got the data of a large sample size and found a statistically significant positive relationship between casino gambling and crimes rate. He argued that the revenue and benefits generated from the casino gambling was lower than the costs. The costs not only are paid by the gamblers but by the whole society. He further elaborate that casino gambling causes the addiction, which is a mental disease. Grinols conduct a cost, benefits analysis and identified that it should be highly taxed to increase the revenue than costs. Another study of Maryland department of health and mental hygiene survey reveals that the gamblers are fond that 62% are in illegal acts.
Another study conducted by three authors combined (B. Grant Stitt Mark Nichols David Giacopassi). They took the six casino and other six non-casino societies and conducted pre and posttest analysis. They compared the control group and experiment group on 15 socioeconomic variables. They were expecting that the crimes rate will be higher in and consistently increasing in the casino society and will be lower in the non-casino societies. However, their estimation does not strongly support their views and perceived theories. They found that in some casino communities the crime rate was consistently increasing, in some societies, it is constant and in some other, it decreases. While the results found were same but not much strong in the pre-estimation test and the control societies. Therefore, they finally concluded that the casino gambling is not only accounted for the crime rates but the other socioeconomic factors should also be in their analysis when such type of studies is being conducted. They further identified that tourists spot are hotspots for criminals. The crime rates were found high in both the societies on tourists' spots.
Researchers conducted a study on the impacts of casino gambling on the rural population and identified that the gambling was the already exist in their ancestors time in these communities and secondly, they were in need of economic soundness therefore they adopted the gambling and suffers from their dab impacts. The rural societies were found not in favor of the gambling because they thought that the gambling is a source of crimes.

Summary and Rebuttal of Opposing Views

Another study by Mallach, Alan examined the overall effects of casino gambling on the household in the Philadelphia. He reported that in a short run, the casino has greater positive economic impacts on the household but in long term, the results were found doubtful. Secondly, he found that the increasing addiction of casino would exceed the number of casino houses available. The debate is always there, some believe that the gaming has positive psychological and economic impacts and the others consider it harmful to both the society and individuals. The statistical data on US reveals that the gambling affects about one percent of the population and brings about $335 billion to the US (Baird Harper, 2011). Slavina Irina 2010 shows in his study that about 2 million people every year became victims of a gambling problem, which hurt the gaming industry. He states that the in spite of the bans on casinos by various states in the US the addiction is growing very quickly there. In the light of all these studies, the casino gambling has both positive and negative impacts on the society.
Gambling is an illegal activity and the income generated through it is mostly spent on unfair and unnecessary things. Government, social welfare organizations and the whole society must come forward and play their part in eradicating this problem. Like, individuals should get involved in healthy activities including sports, creativity or any other, for this parent can persuade their children and distract them from gambling. Moreover, government is a vital entity in this regard; taxes should be increased on casinos so that number of people visiting them is decreased. Similarly, media can also play its role by conducting talk shows and make people aware about the negative effects of gambling.


There is a debate on the issue either it is useful to the society or not. Many experts conduct various studies and found in their analysis that the gambling is harmful to the society as it has social and psychological impacts on the society and increase the crime rates in the societies. Some of the expert arguing that it has no adverse impact on the society as it increases the income of the people and, therefore, bring about the economic prosperity in the society. However most of the studies highlights that the cost of the gambling including casino gambling are much greater than the benefits it gives to the society in the form of increasing incomes and other financial smartness. The most important thing is that the adults are almost involved in gambling and their drop out from educational institutes increases which are very harmful to the society as the new generation when become the elder of the society. Therefore, we need to combat the addiction of gambling special casino gambling in the society. Every part of the society has its own role to play. We will discuss different solutions to combat the problem, on the individual basis, society and on government level. The study will first look on the individual basis to prevent him/her from the gambling addiction. The individuals, when they are trying their self to combat the gambling addiction, needs to know that they are addicted to gambling. It is to him or she addicted of gambling. Therefore, some symptoms are presented here, through which someone realize of being addicted.
The problem gambling leads to job loss, financial degradation, family and legal problems. The gamblers when they are addicted can never be stop. They lose their time and money, and they want to quit but they cannot do so. The problem gamblers lose all their money, savings and even borrow. The fun gambler gaming just for pleasure and the addicted are playing for a reason. They have fun even in betting. They are repeatedly playing to recover the money what they lose. They are throwing good money for bad. When they frequently lose, then they are trying to use some illegal ways to get money. They involve in crimes and other illegal acts. The addicted gamblers prefer the casino than other important works like spending time at home; look after of their children, relationships, and their careers.
As we observed that benefits of the gambling addiction are smaller than the cost, an individual has to pay. Gambling has not only social and economic impacts but it has a strong psychological effect on an individual, because once a person gets involved in gambling he is tempted to play it repeatedly. Consequently, money collected through gambling was wasted and when there is no saving a person become a part of other illegal activities i.e. crimes, fraud and other unfair means of getting money.
The emotions are negatively affected by gambling. They are from frustration, feelings remorse and ambition decreases. When someone is fulfilling, the above criteria will be called the gambling addicted. Then on the individual basis, some actions are vital to quit the gambling and remove the addiction. First, the addicted person should admit that he has a problem. If someone does not admit that he/she is addicted, then nothing can remove him from this problem. Get the support from the family members and friends to remove the problem, as it is to it alone. The individual have to avoid temptation keep out of the environment of the gambling.
The sources of financing give away to someone other and use the credit on his or her permission. The individual has to replace the gambling with some positive activity or hobby. The individual should seek the treatment of the addiction from some professionals. The addicted people must meet the psychiatric and can use some medication to help him in preventing the addiction. These are some solution for individuals to prevent their selves from addicting of the casino and other gambling. On the other hand, the society can also play his role in combating the problem. The parents should keep an eye on their children and keep them engaged in their educational and co-curricular activities.
The society members will need the addicted people in their combating process; they should be with proper medication, care and another kind of support. The main role should be by the government and social activist’s agencies. Different programs are needed to arrange for the people to make them free of addiction. The most important state administered self-exclusion program by the state gaming commission or board. The two parts of this program are described here i.e. the state administered and casino administered self-exclusion programs. The state-administered self-exclusion program is the regulations of self-exclusion. They banned the individual from casino within the boundaries of the state. The patron came to the commission office and registered their selves. The state facilitates the self-exclusion request, the casino does not provide them information and cash facilities and gambling, the employees who are enforcing the program must be with the information of the gamblers in self-exclusion program and the casino will make sure that they are not with gambling facilities.
The casino-administered programs by Nevada gaming commission regulations regularizes the gaming properties to follow the standard and procedure that allows the patron to self-limit themselves to the access to cash, credit and mailing of promotional materials. The voluntary self-exclusion programs are also, there run by the Harrah in New Jersey America. When someone registered once then, it will be effective in every state even where the self-exclusion does not exist. In Harrah’s casinos, he provided the self-exclusion programs to those who are interested in self-exclusion. At nutshell, the gambling addiction in casino is the viewed by different experts in different ways. Some of them say that it is better for the economic conditions of the society as it increases the personal income in many societies and hence increases the welfare by increasing their consumption choices. On the other hand, the other expert says that the costs outweigh its benefits, as it is harmful to the educational, social, ethical and other good progresses. In the light of the quantitative information and the cost benefits analysis, the costs of the casino gambling are higher than its benefits, and the cost are heard by the whole society. Therefore, the gambling addiction in the light of this information is not good for the society as a whole. It destroyed the life of the addicted person, which in turns harms the welfare of the others i.e. family, friends and other people as it involves in the crimes. It is that the gambling addiction is to be combated.
There are many methods and ways to prevent the addiction and bring out those who are addicted. The individuals can it made it possible to come out of the addiction and follow the right way of spending life. However, generally the government role is most important in the eradicating of the addiction of gambling in the casino. The self-exclusion program is the most important and fruitful one in this regard. The self-exclusion programs are may be state-administered, casino administered or it may be voluntary self-exclusion program. The second most important thing is that the state should make the tight policies to combat the gambling. The court needs to follow the crime case harshly, and if the gamblers are found involve in the crimes then they have to take strict steps against them. The government on the other side should increase the tax on the casino industry to make it unattractive for the new investors and to make it tokens more expensive so that the gamblers cannot afford to make gambling. In addition, the rehabilitation programs are vital as to meet them with psychiatrists and other rehabilitation centers and support them in making the good citizens. From the above discussion, it is concluded that the casino gambling games now get fame and played almost everywhere.


The casino games on the one side are the mean of entertainment, but on the other side, its addiction is the main problem. The casino games are responsible for almost all social, ethical and illegal activities. Besides the entertainment and revenue generated from the games, what are the cost of the addiction of gambling to the society. It is debatable that either casino gambling increases the crime rate or not. Some people proved that it increased the crime rate, and some others were found against it. There is no doubt that the gambling is very harmful, and it has significant role in the crime rate promotion but the other factors are also more than the gambling is responsible for that. Therefore, we have to prevent the addition of casino gambling. The individual, as well as the government, should play their own role to combat the casino gambling and save the lives of the many addicted gamblers and their families.
The whole scenario concludes that gambling does not have only social and economic effects but it also bring society to a moral decline. Serious actions should be taken to overcome this problem. Gambling addiction is a serious psychological disease and if it is not are controlled in time, and then it increases with the passage of time, which in turn can produce severe and adverse consequences. It provokes desperation and an immortal lust, which makes an individual completely irrational and reckless about everything.

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