Example Of Essay On “Mean World Syndrome”

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The human civilization aims to go higher in terms of technology and convenience. It is evident that Historical events are covered through cameras and live photographs. In this case, the propagation of information to the corners of the world is very easy. In congruency with the highest technology available it is very true that the mass media is developing in a fast pace. Moreover, right from the start of the industrial revolution, many forms of mass media had emerged.
The mass media has been the platform of conversation between the world events and the world’s human population. The effects of the mass media also play an integral role to our society.
‘ In this paper, the proponent will discuss the Chapter 2 of the Book entitled “Mass Communication: Living in a Media World: How Society and Media Interact” by Ralph E. Hanson.

It was very evident that when the coverage of events started when the viewers were always have an opinion about it. When the World War I started the earth’s population has been intrigued of the idea of mass killings and war between countries. The mean world syndrome is characterized by a collective fear of humans about the planet. The violence content of the reports conveyed by reporters has made the audiences think the planet is a dangerous world to live in. But the thesis is still studied by many psychologists, sociologists and other experts regarding the matter.
The delivery of reports by the mass media has been interpreted in various ways. Some experts think that the media is bias in reporting events. However, the effects of the mass media are evidently strong and very relative to the world’s population. To give justification to the Effects of mass media scientific analysis also exists. Some methods used by experts include functional analysis, cultivation analysis, social learning, uses and gratification and among others (Hanson, pp.45-100).
Personally, I am very keen in listening to report. Yes, I am affected by violence related reports but not to the extent that I would fear the world I live in. Moreover, I am more into looking the two sides of the coin. Whenever I see reports of violence, I always make it sure that all of the information are true. Case to case basis, I also tend to support active groups that are against violence. The general effect of these violence related contents to me is normal. I don’t overlook the “incident” as a tolerable one but I do look at it as a problem that needs to be addressed. For me violence is a not.
With respect to the general public, I do believe that it varies. The media effects could be related to the over-all personality of the audience. It is directly related to the culture and tradition by which an audience is situated. Liberals and conservatives always differ in opinion. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that the media effects as of today are very diverse. This could be the effect of the growing “sensitivity” of audience to reports. Audiences nowadays need not to react immediately to a certain report.
In conclusion, the power of media to convey facts is evidently great. Most especially if these reports contain violence related facts. However, as the technology of the current human world progresses, the intelligence of its population also evidently grows.

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