How to Find Great GED Essays Topics and Write Excellent Papers?

ged essay topics

Many international students find GED essay questions especially difficult. And since the test accounts for 35% of the total English language grade, you should prepare well to get enough points scored and pass the writing test. GED paper question covers a wide range of topics and requires a certain type of response. It could be explanation, argumentation, narration or comparison and contrast. It’s crucial to understand with type would be easier for you to cope with in order to succeed. In this article we’ve prepared a sort of checklist with tips and example topics to help you get ready for the exam.

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Summary Essay On Martin Luther King’s “I Had a Dream” Speech

I had a dream summary essay example

The speech by Martin Luther took place in Washington DC, Lincoln Memorial on 28th August 1963 and the speech was mainly about racial inequality, elimination of racism and the desire for peaceful coexistence among people. With regards to racial inequality, King opened the speech by providing a discussion on the topic of Emancipation Proclamation that was issued by Abraham Lincoln that freed slaves after the civil war that took place 100 years before. The proclamation was a beacon of hope for the black people. However, he pointed out that still there was a bulk of work for them to be considered “free”. The speech also revolved around some of the unkept promises.

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Substance Abuse Essay Example

substance abuse essay example

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers caffeine to be both a drug and a food additive. As such, caffeine is legal and can be obtained cheaply. Even so, people who consume caffeine tend to exhibit psychological, emotional and physical dependence. For this reason, they may experience withdrawal problems when they cease to consume caffeine. Similarly, people who are chemically dependent on substances such as alcohol, tobacco, and cocaine may find it difficult to stop. Personally, I have encountered challenges in my efforts to stop caffeine addiction. In this regard, the paper will explore how my experience will enable me to assist chemically dependent people.

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Best Social Issue Essay Topics to Get Started

social issues essay topics

Sociology is undoubtedly a fascinating discipline, especially if you’re lucky to have a broad-minded professor. You’ll learn about society and the world as a whole, as well as discuss various topics and problems. However, this exciting activity is sometimes marred by the task of social issues essay writing. If, for some reason, you’re not up to this job, you can order a 100% original piece from our writers who will craft it from scratch according to your custom requirements.

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How to Pick Up Good Concept Essay Topics?

concept essay topics

There is one type of academic writing that provides a student with virtually unlimited possibilities for analysis and research – this is a concept essay. Gathering your knowledge and skills, as well as firsthand experience and supporting them with illustrative examples, can make your paper unique and interesting both for you and for your audience.

Of course, it all starts with a good topic. On this page, you’ll learn how to write concept essay and discover sample topics for concept essays in order to make your paper worth the highest grade. Check out these tips right now!

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Outstanding How-To Essay Ideas and Specific Topics to Spark Your Enthusiasm

how to essay topics

Can you call yourself an expert on doing something? Would you like to educate others on it? How-to essays (sometimes otherwise called process essays), allow you to do just that. In simple words, your goal is to provide your audience with step-by-step instructions on how to do something. It can be anything – from such simple routines as making a sandwich to complicated processes such as setting up a website or building a spaceship. Remember that your instructions should be clear and detailed enough for your readers to follow and complete them.

The first step towards writing a great how-to essay is choosing an excellent topic. In this post, we offer an extensive list of winning how-to essay topics that will interest and inspire you. As a bonus, we’ll explain how to brainstorm ideas for an essay and choose the best one of them.

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Sample Essay On Diversity At The Hospital

Diversity at the Hospital Essay

Identified problem: Incivility is among the major problem facing nurses at the hospitals. This is where the nurses at the health care receive the offensive or the impolite comments from both the patients and the other workers (Mikaelian & Stanley, 2016). Nurses have been reporting of being abused, intimidate, harassed, bullying, and violence among other forms of incivility at the healthcare.

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Which Satire Essay Ideas and Topics Will Be Great for College Paper?

satire essay topics

As the majority of high school and college students, you are often assigned to various articles, essays, and research papers. While this gives you a chance to research and write about many exciting subjects and topics, it also means that you can explore different styles of writing.

At some point, you’ll be required to prepare a satirical essay. No matter how blithe and entertaining they seem, satirical topics can be rather tricky, which is why anyone dealing with them might use some guidance and professional help.

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Outstanding IB Extended Essay Topics

extended essay topics

An extended essay is an essential part of an IB program. This is a research piece of about 4,000 words on a topic associated with one of the studied subjects. It provides students with an opportunity to perform an in-depth study of a problem interesting to them. As it all starts with an exciting issue, you need an idea that will truly inspire you. Fortunately, here you’ll find robust sample IB essay topics.

In case you’re up to getting more practical assistance, consider getting writing help from professional authors. Get in touch with us today or explore the offered options directly in the order form.

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20 Easy Photo Essay Ideas for Students

photo essay ideas

A photo essay is a documentary story on a particular topic told via photographs. Pictures can be supplemented with explanatory text, but the perfect photo essay should be clear without words and primarily appeal to emotions.

Stories are essential. Some prefer written stories, while others go for visual images. With the help of a photo story, you may expand your creative capacities and find new approaches to communicate with an audience. This assignment is your chance to share something important without saying a word. Let the patterns, lines, shades, colors, and viewpoints of photography express your ideas and bring out some feelings.

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